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There's a river, so we go where it goes. We get covered with dirt and rainbows.
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june 1. 2010


30 days. inconsistency, gluttony, self-handicapping.

BBQs, dog poo, karma soap, Mill St. Organic.

Victoria Day, beach, insulting crosswords, fireworks, bus, cold, obese, sweaty, salty, squishing, misery.

Amusement park, wonderlands, vertical drops, technical difficulties, funnel cakes, body crushing restraint systems, exploding seagulls.

Non-degree, fuck-ups, enrollment blocks, bullshit, waiting. Lab - avoiding, closure seeking.

Lack of photos.

syntax error

   1. Get G2 in 2010
   2. Face non-degree apps
   3. Find interesting part-time employment opportunities
   4. Contact course directors of Masters programs
   5. Contact LF
   6. Face creditcard bill
   7. Email interesting volunteer opportunities
   8. Figure out Europe plans
   9. Clean hard-drive of undergrad_files
  10. Recycle undergrad notebooks
  11. Get external hard-drive fixed
  12. Fall road trip
  13. Finish leftover books
  14. Exercise
  15. Stop eating bad things
  16. Make dentist appointment


weekend: march break. miso soup. alice in wonderland. joes in the ghetto. burrito cravings satisfied. torrential downpour. mint chocolate cookies, banana bread, lemonade, empanadas. gluttony. data entry. essay writing.


testing. sunshine and lollipops. peed pants. March Break. delegating.

rubik’s cube complete. understanding better than marginal. algorithm. progressing. rewiring.

Eleanor Rigby. cover to cover.

Books in 2010: Eating Animals, Microserfs, Eleanor Rigby

psychic reading?

(continued): vegetable maki, maternal bonding, metro bitch, lack of benches, empty restaurants


Poetry readings. More to keep us warm. Rowers. melodic droning.

Dance shows (love, hate, obsession.), documentation. Musical

training/cognition. Non-degree applications.

Coffee. Trinity Bell woods. The White Squirrel. Vegan pizza. Productivity. Organic markets- accidental stealing. Karma. Durian. five dollar onions.

Shrinking spaces. Bookcases. Colour Coordination. Used books in the mail. Packages.

Smoothies. Spring.

Failed slumber parties. Gravol. Coconut-Curry Tofu. Promiscuity.  Gathering.

feb 15

I’ve failed at documenting. Movie moments abound.

First dates. - sustainable co-ops, Neil Young serenades, shared meals, clinking glasses, mint joints, roof-top patios, first edition hardcovers, guacamole, adopted babies, generation gaps, vegan cupcakes, chivalry, awkward glances, one way streets, streetcar escorts, invasive species, personal librarians, tea, sub zero weather, fickle, shallow, numb, in control, uncertain

twos.- brownies, the philosophers stone, speaker phone, rugby players, feist, all-nighter and a subsequent crash, avatar, synergy, snoring, samosas

threes.- neuroscience, lecture series, ian howard, nancy k, hands, surrogate uncles, light box, closet bed, tall towers, glass floors, arial view, valentines, video

Miscellaneous- extensive vocabulary, creative energy, resolutions, violins, folklore, transcendence, bonding, fantasy, chemistry, inspiration, planning, confronting, avoidance, independence, progress, anxiety, light saber, apathy, buried life, aging

Jan 11th/10

Attempting to overturn my tendencies towards procrastination in my last semester of official undergrad seems pointless. How is it possible not to learn from the overwhelming anxiety of being unprepared for a presentation that’s three hours away? It’s not even a rush that motivates me. I always feel like running to my room and hiding under the covers, forfeiting completely. I try to nap under the pretense of waking up refreshed and productive, but for those three hours I toss and turn thinking about my nearing deadline. A week into a new semester the ennui is engulfing me. Drained.

Jan 10th (‘10)

2010 needs photo-documentation and journal entries. Forgetting to mull over the things I do makes me feel like time completely passes me by and time flies as it is. Here’s to a slower more reflective 2010…

On the 8th Jakub had this birthday at the Wild Goose, a bar in the middle of nowhere accessible only by busses I’ve never heard of. Barbara and I made our way down (without getting lost!) and joined everyone for overpriced Canadian beer and a grimy atmosphere. Upon attempting to explain “nachos without cheese or chili and sour cream on the side” to our confused waitress the chef felt the need to exit the kitchen and get a good look at the freaks ordering a pile of chips covered in lettuce and diced tomatoes. Little did he know that lettuce when heated takes on the magical soggy properties of cheese and substitutes for it perfectly. Lacking this knowledge he did not put the nachos in the oven with the lettuce but rather presented us with a sad taco salad which we happily devoured anyway.

The 9th was spent procrastinating my lab presentation for Monday. Picked up a few second hand items; a gigantic plaid cloak that needs serious alterations and love, a navy blue flowery tunic, and a summer dress so pretty I don’t understand why anyone would ever part with it. On the way home I indulged in two bottles of Fetzer, an eco-friendly wine. Apparently I am becoming quite the wino. Wonder where I get it from? I put the wine in my backpack and headed to Barbara’s to do “school work”, accomplished little, Keddy joined, we watched Reanimator which was brilliant during the parts I wasn’t asleep.

Today I’m paying for an unproductive couple of days. Back to work!

While it is always possible to wake a person who’s sleeping, no amount of noise will wake a person who is pretending to be asleep. - JSF
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October 7th
Originally uploaded by vrede en liefde
This was perhaps the most awkward picture in the world before Kalvin saw graffiti on the drinking fountain that said "suck me off". Then this ensued. Today I went to school. Handed in my assignment. Hung out with Kal had pizza, london fogs. Went to Chapters, tore apart the graphic novel and new age sections, and walked home. Good day.
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October 6th
Originally uploaded by vrede en liefde
My mom and I went on a shopping spree at HomeSense yesterday. Then we came home and made a tea area! Too many good things to binge on. Earl Grey biscotti, orange cookies, those flakey chocolate tubes... mint chocolate tea, creamy earl grey, lavender sugar, vanilla syrup, milk frother. Here is a bucket to collect your drool.
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October 5th
Originally uploaded by vrede en liefde
I'm late! I didn't have my camera yesterday. Went to Jack Astors for Claudia's birthday (Happy Birthday Claudia!). I ate too much, again. Felt sick, again. Went back to Meagan's and watched the Office (Season 4). And enjoyed the company of this BUNDLE OF JOY. so cute. Maximus is amazing. I love puppies. I want at least 20 to keep me happy at all times. Time for tutorial. I wanted to go to the gym again today but I pulled something in my back yesterday. I may still go and suffer tomorrow. Have a good day!
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October 4th
Originally uploaded by vrede en liefde
Even though I think our drawings on the Jack Astor's table were a hundred times more impressive than anything we saw all night, this is the most accurate representation of the evening. I had my hopes way too high for this year's Nuit Blanche. Maybe if it wasn't so cold. Maybe if there weren't hoards and hoards of people making it impossible to actually enjoy anything it would have been more successful. Things are only fun before everyone knows about them. Crowds ruin everything. My stomach feels so sick. Never eating at Jack's again. Rude waiter, bad food, forced tip. Everything I hate in a dining experience. Could I write anything more negative? I enjoy the company of those I love :)
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October 3rd
Originally uploaded by vrede en liefde
Godliest food ever eaten. Went to an amazing Indian restaurant at Yonge and Eglington today (Chakra) with Barbara. These are the leftovers. Closest to the camera is amazing stir fried spinach with legumes and spices, and the orange is baked cauliflower with cumin. Delicious. Wandered around, went to a used book store. I got the Secret Life of Plants. Watched Blindness. Drank a pumpkin spice latte (I love fall). These events are completely out of chronological order because it is late and I am sleepy. I have to meet a girl at St. George to sell her my Polaroid camera for twice as much as I paid for it at 1 tomorrow. And then Nuit Blanche. Going to be a long long day. I don't know why this photo uploaded smaller than all the others. Technology is beyond me. Goodnight.
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October 2nd
Originally uploaded by vrede en liefde

It is impossible to verbalize the awesomeness that is Spots. This is also what I meant by Spots translating awkwardly in photos. A demented, cross-eyes, Frankenstein cat. He is haunting. What this photo lacks in artistic merit it makes up for with sheer horror.
Today was such a long day. Had my meeting with the head of the lab that I am volunteering at. This position sounds really intense. Basically I am booking participants into the lab, administering all the tests, and then entering the data for the study. It's all pretty overwhelming, but for now I'm just in training to make sure that we all do the test identically, don't rush the participants, and make sure it's good science.
Went to the gym today after class. Rowed myself into oblivion. Definitely have to start exercising regularly, I can't feel this sore every time. I am too young to be sore! Time to hang out with my abnormal psychology textbook again. I am in need of, in no particular order: sleep. tea. love... a vacation?
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October 1st
Originally uploaded by poniesandpoppies
Today is a cop out! as I am stuck inside all day learning. I'm actually getting things done but time is flying. Here is a shot from my balcony, how creative... I really do like the way it looks. I tried to take pictures of Spots but he is the least photogenic animal on the planet. His face just looks so awkward in every shot. I wish I had time to go for a long walk today rather than being stuck inside on a date with my Abnormal Psych textbook. With a warm coffee and a scarf. This is my favourite time of the year. I want to go down to the lake and sit on the rocks and read a good book.
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September 30th
Originally uploaded by poniesandpoppies
I guess I'm posting a little early to know if there will be really awesome photo taking opportunities later on in the day. But i really like this one, and I am spending the rest of the day being a nerd catching up on everything I need to read for class and starting on a few assignments. So chances are this is as good as it gets.
This is Quinte on a log at the park. I love walking her after a rainy night because our tiny creek gets exponentially larger and turns into this crazy rushing river. Quinte is always disappointed because she can't go swimming on days like today without being swept away to Lake Ontario. So she is forced to watch the creek and think about other times she has swam in it. So there she is thinking nostalgic puppy thoughts. Fall is coming, not that you'd be able to tell because I took it in black and white. But you should take my word for it, it was beautiful.
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September 29th
Originally uploaded by poniesandpoppies
There's nothing I love more than coming home to a clean room surprise. Both my parents are sick so they stayed home from work today. My mom went on a cleaning spree and I get to reap the benefits. The apartment feels smaller now that they're home again. Everything is in my way, and my need for personal space is greater than usual. I am really happy to see them though. Just as long as they don't spread their diseases to me. Now would not be the time to get sick. Not at all.
I have really never hated a whole branch of academia more than I hate sociology. I am just so utterly uninterested in it my brain is numb as soon as I walk in the door. Maybe its just this class, sociology of religion, but as soon as a slide pops up about Marxism, Weber, and Engels my brain goes out to lunch.
Anyways, I love gloomy days like today.
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